• Registered Society (Non-Profit Tax Exempt Organization) 
    Registration No. S/10964, 26 May 1971
  • Scientific & Industrial Research Organization (SIRO)
  • National Environment Awareness Campaign (NEAC)
  • Regional Resource Agency, West Bengal (RRA)
  • Ministry of Environment & Forest (MoEF)


       Launched in the early sixties (1964) under the guidance of the Late National Professor Satyendra Nath Bose, the organization then known as the Young Scientists Society, registered on 5th May, 1971 as the School of Fundamental Research.  From its inception until today, this non-profit, tax exempt organization maintains a focus on non-formal scientific thinking to promote science and technical innovation at the grass-roots level, with the emphasis on assisting people living in environmentally degraded and economically backward areas.

SFR Mission: 

SFR, inspiring the spirit of inquiry among students of science in all ages of life, has initiated active and successful campaigns and programmes in the following areas:


       Watershed Management

       Wasteland Development


       Agricultural Development

       Arsenic Mitigation & Research

       Eco Software Development

       Renewable Energy

       Rural Population Training & Development

       Environmental Awareness Campaigns

       NGO Networking

       Research Library & Resource Center

       Primary School for Rural Children

       Youth Camp


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 Primary School for Rural Children


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 Research & Development

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